Khapli Atta / Emmer Wheat Flour

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Freshly- Ground Khapli Atta /  Emmer Wheat Flour.

An Ancient Grain, not new to our country, but long forgotten and replaced by processed grains. This is the whole grain grain which our great-grandparents used to have. This fibre-dense variety is excellent for Diabetics and those with Gluten Intolerance. Sourced directly from our organic farmers in Andhra Pradesh



If you’re trying to lose weight, then 'Khapli Gehu' is a much healthier substitute to refined grains. Khapli Gehu/Emmer Wheat is an ancient whole-grain with a nutty flavour and chewy texture. Since its high in protein and fibre, it assists to reduce your appetite and keeps you fuller longer

We believe in making Sustainable Food in Sustainable Packaging easily accessible:
- we sell food that is grown and not manufactured
- grown without use of chemicals and pesticides
- no plastics, all our products are packaged in glass bottles or cotton bags
- we support the farmers to ensure that they continue to grow amazing food for your family